Making Documents Available to the Mobile App

Certain documents, such as easements, BDRs, or surveys, can be useful to have on-hand while in the field and using the Landscape Mobile App.  After you upload a document to its correct location in Landscape, you can make it available to field staff by toggling it for mobile use. 

From either of the main documents pages (Property Assets or the Stewardship Site 'Documents' tab) select the document you'd like to make available by clicking the check box to the left of it (1).  Click on the phone icon (2).  The icon will appear next to the document, indicating that it will now be made available within the mobile app. (3)  




Documents toggled for mobile availability will only be downloaded automatically if you prepare the site for offline use.  Otherwise they can be downloaded as needed if connected to the internet or a data-enabled network. You will need an app on your device which can open the file type (.pdf, .doc, etc.)




Document Storage & Viewing On Your Device

The Landscape Mobile App does not have the ability to open and view documents. When you select a document to view, the app will open the document with whatever program is set as your default document viewing application. Therefore, the app that is associated with the file type on the phone decides what to do with it. Certain apps (like Chrome) can view something like a .pdf in place, but other apps require that you first download the document. 

If you prepare the stewardship site for offline use, then view the document, and then clean up the site after you're all done with your visit, then the document should be removed from your phone. If you don't prepare the site beforehand, then you will need to manually delete the document from your device if you want to free up the storage space.


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