How to Style a Dashboard Map by Any Field

You can make a dashboard map (widget) out of nearly any view, but you also have the ability to style that map by any field you've made visible.  This feature only exists for dashboard or view maps or for your public map, and not for regular maps within records. Regular maps only have the ability to style by geography Name, Status, or Type.


For example, to make a map of Stewardship Sites that styles each point by the component Property Interests severities, start with a view of all Stewardship Sites:






Click on the fields button (mceclip2.png) to add the fields you want to see.  Note that these fields will also appear as popups on the map when you click on any of points:




Once you've selected the appropriate fields, click on the three dots and select 'View as Map'





The map is shown.  The appearance of the layers can be altered by using the menu on the right.  Here I've chosen to display only the outer Stewardship Site Boundary.




To change the styling of the layer, click on the swatch next to the layer and click on 'Same for Each Feature'.  Choose the appropriate field. In this case, it's 'Property Interests'.




You can then style each interest individually.  If options are presented that you don't want visible, you can hover over them and click on the trash can icon.  Note that clicking on a map item will display all of the fields that you made available in the grid view as a popup.  


Click on the 'save' button (mceclip12.png) to save your map to the dashboard.  



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