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Lens is becoming a common method of monitoring protected properties by satellite, and Landscape offers a way to integrate Lens data into Landscape records.  Notes taken in Lens will appear in Landscape under the 'Issues' section. From there, you can copy data to Site Visits and complete a monitoring visit if necessary.  The integration is one way - from Lens to Landscape.


1) Setup

If you have an existing Landscape account and are in the process of getting set up with Lens, then integration is very simple.  Simply export a shapefile of all of your Stewardship Sites, and be sure to include at least the 'Name' and the 'ID' field (follow method #3 in this article).  Share this shapefile with the Lens team when you're setting up your account and tell them you'd like it to be integrated with Landscape.

If you already had Lens and wish to integrate with your Landscape account, then you'll need to request a shapefile export from the Lens team, and fill in the field that they specify with the Landscape Stewardship Site ID for each record in your Lens account.  You can use Views to easily see all of the ID numbers of all of the Stewardship Site IDs in your Landscape account. 'Stewardship Site External ID' or 'Stewardship Site ID' are both acceptable identifiers to use.

Once these steps are complete, the Lens team will provide you with an API key. Share that number with us, and we will complete the integration setup.


2) Using the integration

Once the integration is up and running, any notes you take in Lens will appear as Issues within the appropriate Stewardship Site:






From there, you can either click on the issues on the map to see more details (including a photo of the satellite imagery), or click on the issue record in Landscape begin adding details to the issue that you discovered:







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