One-Click Reports

A saved report (/'one-click report') is a way of automatically running a report on a pre-defined list of things.  For example, an 'Active Project' report could be made to run only on projects that met certain criteria (such as having a type of 'Acquisition' and a status which wasn't 'Completed').  Essentially this allows you to skip the step of only selecting certain records from a view every time you want to run a report. It also allows less savvy users to run a report with a single click.


Step 1: Define your query and save the report

From Views, create a query which defines the records that you want to see. The fields you display in the view aren't important. All that matters is that it returns the records that you want to generate the report for:




Click the 'Save View As' (the cloud button)



Change the first dropdown to 'Report':




Give the One-Click Report a name, and select the Report Template that you want to run, and then click 'OK':




Step 2: Run the report


You'll be directed to the Reports tab --> 'One-Click Reports'.  You'll see the report you just created in the list of available options.  Add a description if you need to. The edit button allows you to adjust the query that you defined in step 1.  Click on the 'Run Report' button to run the report and test it.








Success!  This report contains information on all of our Active Acquisition projects.  All you need to do to re-run the report in the future is run this saved report.  Landscape will automatically apply the query you wrote, and will filter out all the appropriate records. 



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