Satellite Monitoring Visits

More and more organizations are relying on satellite imagery to monitor large or far-flung holdings.  The Landscape site visit workflow works well for tracking satellite monitoring visits, regardless of which service you're using.  All you need to do is implement a few changes to the regular workflow:


Step 1: Set up a Satellite Monitoring Visit Form

You probably have a unique set of questions that apply specifically to a satellite monitoring visit, such as filling out the year and source of the imagery, as well as the year of the imagery you're comparing it to.


Build the satellite monitoring form in settings:




Step 2: Add additional list items in Settings.

Under Settings --> List Items --> General, you'll want to add a new Stewardship Site Visit type as well as Site Visit Method.  






Step 3: Add the satellite monitoring form to the appropriate form libraries.

Doing so will make the form appear automatically every time someone starts a monitoring visit with a type of 'Satellite Monitoring Visit'.  Instructions for doing so can be found here.


Satellite Monitoring and Obligations

By default, every Stewardship Site has an 'Annual Monitoring' obligation.  This obligation can be made to auto-complete whenever a site visit of a certain type (such as 'Annual Monitoring') is completed.  Since the auto-complete function can only be associated with a single type, it's not possible to have this update automatically when either a 'Satellite Monitoring Visit' OR an 'Annual Monitoring Visit' are performed -- you have to choose one.  You'll need to either update the completed-on date by hand or create a new obligation type.  Some organizations that are relying heavily on satellite monitoring have changed their obligations to include 'In Person Monitoring' with a frequency of every three or five years, and 'Annual Satellite Monitoring' to cover the yearly obligation.  By having two different obligations that you're tracking, you can then easily see when the last boots-on-the-ground monitoring visit happened, and when you need to complete the next one by.




Performing a satellite site visit

You complete a satellite monitoring visit in the same way that you complete a regular site visit, only you most likely won't use the mobile app. From the Stewardship Site's 'Work' tab, just add a new Site Visit and give it the appropriate type.




Fill out the site visit information as you normally would:





Finally, generate the report as usual using the 'report' button. Sign and save the .pdf.


It is not possible to superimpose third party satellite imagery on the Landscape map, unless that imagery is hosted as an available map or tile service.  If you want the satellite imagery you're reviewing to appear in the report, the only way to do so is to create geography for the site visit (point, area, or line) and attach it as a photo. It will then appear in the final report.

Be aware that if you're using Upstream Tech's Lens platform, there is an existing integration which brings in notes you capture as Stewardship Site Issues. You can then copy the issue geography created by these notes into a site visit.

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