Recurring Tasks

In Landscape, Tasks are used to track to-do items that are associated with Stewardship Sites or Properties (or, by association, Projects).  While tasks are normally just single events that you'll want to mark as 'Completed', you can make them recurring so that they function more like Obligations (see the box below for more on the differences between the two functions). 

This is a common need for stewardship-related tasks that need regular follow up, such as regular trail maintenance or vegetation management.

To make a task recurring, first create a task and then fill out the basic details. When you've finished, click the edit button (mceclip1.png):


Click on the drop down menu next to 'Recurrence' to choose the recurrence interval unit. For example, if you need the task to recur every two weeks, you would choose weeks.




A number field will appear where you can enter the recurrence interval:




The initial timeline can be set to whatever you need it to be. Once the task is completed, the task will wait until the recurrence interval is over to reset to 'Not Started'.  So, for example:

1) You create a task on January 1st with a recurrence interval of every 1 Month

2) You complete the task on January 15th and mark it as 'Completed'.

3) On February 1st, the task resets to 'Not Started', with an automatic timeline of 'Due by March 1'.


If, in the above example, you manually set the due date to 'March 1st' in spite of setting the recurrence to every month, the task would reset on March 1st and reset the due date to April 1st. If you manually set the due date to January 15th, it would reset on that date to have a due date of February 15th.  Setting the due date is a manual way of setting the next time the task will reset.


Keep in mind that the date the task is completed will be lost once the status is changed back to 'Not Started', making this not a good feature to use if that completed-on date is something you want to query later to examine the history of task completion.  


When to use 'Obligations' vs Recurring Tasks

Obligations and recurring tasks have a lot in common - they are both used to keep track of things you're expected to do at regular intervals.  Recurring tasks are less visible than obligations and are also not built to be as easily quantified, meaning they are less suitable for keeping track of common global obligations like Monitoring.  Tasks also create email alerts (obligations don't).




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