How to Run a Report

There are three ways to run a report in Landscape: From within a record; From views; and from Saved Reports.


1) From within a record (single)

The report button (mceclip0.png) is visible from within most individual records in Landscape. The available report templates that the button shows you depend on where you are in Landscape. Click on the template name to generate the report.  This method can only generate one report at a time.




For example, if you are on the main Property Details page and you click on the button, it will display only reports that have the 'Property' category (screenshot above).  On the other hand, if you are in a Stewardship Site Visit record and click on the button, it will show you all of your Site Visit templates, as well as your Stewardship Site templates:





If you are trying to generate a report and you don't see the correct template when you click on the report button, it's likely because you're at the wrong location in Landscape.  Navigate to the record you wish to run the report on (go to the individual Site Visit, Violation, Reserved Rights Request, etc.) and then click the report button again.


2) From a view (single or multiple)

You can generate multiple reports at once from views.  Just like with creating individual reports, you must be looking at the right set of data in order to run the right report. For example, if it is a Property report, you'll want to start with the 'All Properties':





Select the records you wish to export by clicking on the check boxes and click on the 'export' button:




Choose the correct report template from the drop down list:



Landscape will then run that report template on the records you selected.

If you do not see the correct report template listed, it's probably because you didn't start with the right view.  For example, if you wish to run multiple monitoring reports at once, you will not be able to do so from the 'All Stewardship Sites' or 'All Properties' view.  Instead, you'll need to start with the 'All Site Visits' view, since you are trying to run a report from the category of 'Site Visits'.

By combining this feature with queries or filters, you can significantly speed up selecting the right records. This is especially useful if you are constantly running the same report on the same set of records. For example, if you want to run a Property report on all Property records with an 'Active' status, you could simply apply a filter based on 'Status' and then select all records by using the top most check box:




3) From a One-Click Report (single or multiple)

If you run the same report on the same set of records regularly, One-Click Reports are a way of skipping the steps where you build a query, select the right records, etc. -- all of that is done with one click.  This can be especially for individuals at your organization who are not familiar with Landscape.  See this article on saved reports to learn more.   


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