Horizontal Repeated Blocks

When using a repeated block, you can repeat the content horizontally across the page rather than vertically by toggling this option on.



This can be useful for saving space on reports when you need to list multiple items.  It can be combined with the repeated block filter or sort options to only print certain list items.  When you toggle this option on, a new 'Separator' field appears.  This field determines how the multiple values are separated.  You can set this to either 'Space', 'Comma', or 'Semicolon'.  



In the screenshot above, the repeated block is set to print all Property Contacts horizontally using 'Contact Block' to print the contact data and ' ' as the separator.  The result looks like this:




Adding a little html using code view (mceclip6.png) puts padding and a border around each of the elements:




(The code looks like this: <p style="margin-right:10px;padding:10px;border:1px solid;">[[Contact.ContactBlock]]</p>)



As another example, you may want to print a simple list of all of the open issues on a stewardship site:




In that case, the repeated block would look like this:




Note that a filter has been applied which ignores any issues that have a resolved on date.



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