Tracking Subdivisions

It is common for parcels (especially under easement) to be subdivided.  Landscape allows you to capture the details of the subdivision, location of the new parcel, and to track the management of that parcel as a new Stewardship Site.  This is done by using the 'parcel divide' function.  Dividing a parcel in this way also allows the new Stewardship Site to automatically display past Site Visits and Issues as 'Historic Site Visits' and 'Historic Issues.

The following workflow applies to subdivisions that happen in real time. Historic subdivisions can be more easily entered by simply adding new parcels while building the Property record and the status is set to 'Active'.  However, you can still use this workflow if you'd like to capture details of historic subdivisions.


To get started, click the three dots to the left of 'Parcel Details' and select 'Divide this Parcel'.  A message appears telling you that a parcel division asset is about to be created. Click 'Yes'.




You're taken to the new Parcel Division Asset.




Enter the details of the subdivision, including the Name, Start and End dates, and a Summary.  Enter the number of New Parcels (most often this is just '1') next to 'How Many New Parcels'.  Enter the name of the new parcel, the number of acres, and whether or not you want it to have a new Stewardship Site (ie. manage it separately from the existing parcel).




The number of acres of the new parcel will be automatically subtracted from the existing parcel once the asset is completed.


Next, you'll want to import or draw the geography for the new and remaining parcels. Click on the layers button, click on the three dots next to the layer you want to edit, and select 'edit layer'.  You can then import or draw the new parcel boundary.  You'll want to do the same thing for the updated existing parcel boundary (which has now presumably lost acreage) as well.




When you're ready to create the new parcel, change the status to 'Completed'.  A message will appear telling you that the parcels will be updated. Click 'OK'.




The new parcel is now displayed on the main Property page. The new parcel will inherit the same contact info as the existing parcel, but you can click on it to add new contacts and location details.  Note that a new Stewardship Site has also been created.




This new Stewardship Site inherits the past Site Visits and Issues and displays them as 'Historic Site Visits' and 'Historic Issues'.




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