Bulk Exporting Documents

It's a good idea to keep local copies of the documents and images you generate using Landscape. If it's not standard practice for users to download these documents and store them as they produce them, you can use the documents exporter via views to export many documents at once.

Step 1: Create a new view

Go to 'views' and click the (+) button to create a new view from scratch.



The view you want to create is in some ways governed by how specific you want to be with your document query. For example, if you want to download only Site Visit documents (monitoring reports and images), then you'll want to create a Site Visit view and Expand into documents:




If you wanted this to only return site visit documents from the past year, you could adjust the query accordingly:  




Choose the document fields you want to be visible in the view:






Note that you can filter out photos or documents by querying out or filtering the 'Document Type' field.


If you'd like to just return all documents in your account, simply make a view with the 'Documents' category:




Step 2: Select the records you want to download.

Select the records you want to download and click the 'download' button that appears at the top of the list:




The files will download into a zipped folder.

There is a 1 GB Limit per download, so you may need to break your download process into separate batches.



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