Image Resize Settings

There are three options in settings that affect how Landscape handles uploaded photos, which includes photos taken with the Landscape Mobile App. These options are available via Settings > General. You must be an administrator to access settings.



Resize Images on Upload affects how images are permanently stored in Landscape. If this settings is set to 'No', then images will be stored at their original resolution.  Landscape will still create 'preview' images to speed up the load time of pages based on the Resized Image Quality setting, but when you download the images they will be downloaded at the original resolution.  If this setting is set to 'Yes', then images will be resized when they are brought into Landscape according to the Resized Image Quality setting.


Resized Image Quality determines how Landscape generates both the preview images and, if the previous setting is set to 'Yes', how those images are permanently stored.   This setting works by controlling the length of the longest edge of the photo in pixels. 'Fast' is 800. 'Standard' is 1200. 'High' is 2000.


So, for example, if you have Resize Images on Upload set to 'No', and Resized Image Quality set to 'Fast', then most images you view directly in Landscape will be seen at 800px maximum, unless you are downloading them or running a report.


If you have Resize Images on Upload set to 'Yes', and Resized Image Quality set to 'Fast', then images you view in Landscape will be seen at 800px maximum. Images that you download and use in reports will also be 800px maximum. 


Use Highest Resolution for Photos in Reports determines how Landscape renders photos when it generates a report. If this is set to 'No', then Landscape will not use the highest resolution photos, resulting in faster report generation times and smaller report size. If set to 'Yes', then Landscape will use the highest resolution photos available, resulting in slower report generation times and larger report size.




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