How do I change my password?

For Standard Users and Administrators

Click on the Profile button in the upper right corner (mceclip2.png) and select 'Your Profile' from the drop-down menu.




(If you do not see the 'Your Profile' option, then your account has limited permissions. You'll need to follow the instructions for limited-permissions users below.)


Once you've accessed the profile menu, click on the 'Change Password' button.



Enter your new password under 'Password'. Confirm your password by typing it again in the 'Confirm Password' field. Note that your password must meet all of the conditions outlined in the check boxes. The check boxes will automatically fill in when you meet a condition.



When you're done, click 'Change Password'.  If 'Change Password' is not clickable, it means your new password hasn't met all of the required conditions.


A message appears telling you you have successfully changed your password and must sign in again.




You will be signed out, and must sign in again to continue using Landscape.


Changing your password with a limited-permissions account (Portal and Dashboard experience users)


If you have been assigned the Portal or Dashboard experience, then you'll need to sign out in order to access the password change option.


Click on the profile button in the upper right hand corner (mceclip2.png) and select 'sign out'.


You'll be taken to the welcome screen. Click on the 'Don't remember your password?' button and follow the prompts to reset your password.



The reset password email will expire after 24 hours, and so if you don't get to it within that time you'll need to redo these steps.

'I'm not receiving email confirmation'

Double check that you are entering your email address correctly.  If you confirm that your email is correct, check your spam folder in your inbox.


'I'm being directed to the wrong account'

If you're not being logged into the correct account, you can switch to the correct accounts by following these instructions.



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