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Here are some report templates you may find useful.  The report templates described below can be seen and downloaded at the end of this article. If viewing this article from the small window within Landscape, you'll need to navigate to the knowledge base by clicking the mceclip10.png button in order to see the attachments.

After you download the template from this article, you'll need to import it into your Landscape account before it can be used.  To import a report template, navigate to the reports tab from the home page and select the '+' button next to 'Report Templates', then select 'Import templates from a file' and click on 'Choose a file', Select the report template you want to import and click 'OK'.  The report will then appear in your list of report templates.  Note that it must be a report exported from Landscape -- no other format is allowable.


More on running reports here.


'Comprehensive Property Report' - A full breakdown of a property's details, assets, contacts, parcels, and related stewardship information. It can be useful if you want a single document to summarize everything you know about a property. It can also comes with helper text regarding where particular records are stored in Landscape. It can be run from any property record.

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'Site Visit Photos, Photopoint Table, and Map'  - Intended for use with Baseline or Current Conditions Site Visits. It contains a table with a summary of all photopoints and photos and large photo blocks. *note that this report has a category of 'Site Visit'. If you are using the 'Baseline Report' asset to run the report, you'll want to use the report below.


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'Baseline Report Photos, Photopoint Table, and Map' - Same as above but has a category of 'Baseline Reports' so it can be run from a Baseline Report asset.



'Funding Source Report' - Prints summary funding agreement, disbursal, and source information. Generate by going to the 'All Funding Sources' view, selecting the sources you want to run the report on, clicking the export button and selecting 'Funding Source Report'. 


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'Stewardship Status Report' - Similar to the Comprehensive Property Report, only generated from a Stewardship Site. Summarizes information collected in a Stewardship Site.


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Suggestions for helpful templates are welcome! Just email support with a summary of the kind of report you need. And if you've created a particular report template you think would be useful to the community, please feel free to let us know.

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