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Why can't I see the site boundary on my device, but can see it on the Landscape desktop?

Make sure your device is synchronized by clicking the 'sync' button. If the boundary doesn't appear, close and open the app.

If the boundary still doesn't appear, make sure that you have a stewardship site record created for that particular record.  By default, Landscape Mobile gathers data for stewardship sites, and so if the record only exists as a property record it won't show the boundary.  You can change that default setting in the app settings in order to collect site visit data for a property record (say if you are assessing a potential acquisition) by going to App Settings > 'View and collect data for: ' and changing 'Stewardship Sites' to 'Properties', but make sure to change it back to collecting data for stewardship sites when you're done. *If you forgot to change the setting back and accidentally collected your site visit data in the wrong record type, don't worry! There's an easy way to copy the site visit information to the correct record.


Why does it say I don't have permission to edit the record?

Ask your organization's Landscape Administrator to add you as a Team member to that site. After they do so, synchronize the app to update the permissions. More on volunteer permissions here.


Why don't I see my site visit on the Landscape website?

Fix: Make sure your device is connected to wifi, then click on the sync button in the app. You can click on the sync button again to check the status of the sync. Once it's synchronized, the visit should appear in the appropriate stewardship site / work tab.

If it still doesn't appear, but the app looks like it synched, then it's likely that you either a) collected site visit data in the wrong stewardship site, in which case the fix is to copy the visit to the correct site, or b) you collected data into a property record rather than the stewardship site (see the note on collecting data into a property record above). Check the related property assets to see if the site visit ended up there. The 'All Site Visits' view can be useful for hunting down misplaced visits.


Why can't I see my site visit photos in my site visit record?

If your photo points are blank, or if they contain broken thumbnail links, then it's likely the app did not successfully sync. Open the app while connected to wifi and click the sync button. If there are many photos and uploading is taking a while, you may have to prevent your device from going to sleep by tapping the screen. Click on the sync button again to confirm that it was successful. More on synchronizing the app here.


Help! The app won't sign in!

If you use a mobile browser which blocks cookies by default (like Firefox or DuckDuckGo) disable the browser temporarily and sign into the Landscape App.  Once you're signed in, you can enable the browser again. 


What if I'm still stuck?

If these solutions don't work, or if you're experiencing any other issues with the app, go to the app settings and choose 'Send Logs to Support', and then contact us via the 'Help' > 'Contact Us' button in Landscape. Include as complete a description of the issue as you can in your message.

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