Landscape Mobile App Settings

App settings are accessible by clicking the three horizontal lines at the top of the main screen, and selecting 'Settings':




There are several settings available:



'View and Collect data for:...'

This option makes it possible to toggle between collecting data for a stewardship site and collecting data for a property record.  By default, the app collects site visits for stewardship sites, which then end up in the 'work' tab of the correct stewardship site. Most site visits should probably be conducted in this way.  Data collected for properties are synchronized as property assets.   The most common reason for changing this to 'Properties' is if you don't have a stewardship site yet, perhaps because you haven't acquired the property yet and just need to conduct some initial assessment site visits or baseline visits.

If you forget this setting back and accidental collect a site visit in the wrong record, you can easily copy a site visit to a new location by following these instructions:


'Use mobile data for uploading photos' 

Check this box to allow Landscape to synchronize over cellular data networks. This setting is not recommended unless you must synchronize your data and you have no access to a Wi-Fi network. Synchronizing over cellular data is less robust and may result in more synchronization errors. If you have limits on your bandwidth, this option may also cause you to incur additional data charges. 


'Simplify visit routes after recording'

When enabled, your route track will be simplified by removing small deviations in your path. This option will not remove large deviations.


'Use GPS filtering during track recording'

When enabled the route tracking will more aggressively try to filter the GPS signal to keep from recording large jumps that would result in a jagged track. When enabled you may notice that your location dot on the map overshoots your present location when you stop. This is a side-effect of the filtering. 


'Ignore location updates when stationary'

When standing still, your device can still report slightly different locations leading to bunches of vertices in your track while you are in roughly the same place. If you enable this option Landscape attempts to detect when you are standing still and ignore any additional GPS readings until you start moving again and move outside the accuracy radius of the previous point.  

Turn off this option if you feel your track is not updating fast enough when you are moving slowly or after you start moving again.



'Enable camera fix for some Android devices'

If you use an Android device and certain photos are appearing as green boxes, toggle this option on.


Logging Level:


Detailed logs allow support to more thoroughly examine your issue. In some cases they may request that you toggle this option to 'Detailed', recreate your issue, and then select 'Send Logs to Support'


'Send Logs to Support'

Will send the app's logs to support. Make sure you have also contacted support with a detailed description of the issue you're experiencing. 



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