Editing a Report

Once you generate a report, there are a few things you can edit directly from the report review screen without having to go back into the record, change the item, and then regenerate the report.  If you're looking for how to edit the report template itself, you may want to start with this article.

Form Response Editing 

This can come in especially handy for report reviewers who need to add their own text or change an answer that a monitor entered previously. Editing form responses in a report will change the underlying form response data (you're not just changing the text within the report).


Hover over a form response to see the edit button. Click the edit button to change the response.



You can then enter new text, a new response, or whatever you need in that question.  When you're done, click the check mark:


This workflow is great for individual question responses, but if you need to change many responses in a row you probably want to close the report and change the form responses from the form itself, then regenerate the report.


Editing photo captions and removing photos


Click on a photo to edit the photo description.  Doing so will change the actual photo description data that is stored in Landscape - not just the description that is displayed in the report.

You can also remove the photo from the report by clicking 'Remove From Report'. This will only remove the photo from the report, it won't delete it from Landscape.

Click 'OK' when you're done, or 'Cancel' to cancel editing the photo.



If you regenerate a report, all the photos you removed will return and you'll need to remove them again. If you regularly remove certain photos from a report, you may want to consider adding a filter to the photo block which removes photos with a certain status from the generated report.

Removing a map

You can remove a map from a report by clicking on the trash can that appears when you hover over the map:




Click 'Yes' to confirm removing the map. If you want the map back after removing it, you'll need to regenerate the report.

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