Funding Basics

Landscape is able to track 3 different aspects of funding: Sources, Agreements, and Disbursals.  Only disbursals (which can be tied to funding sources or agreements) are tied to property or stewardship site records. This means that it's easy to see how much money you've received from a single funding source over time.

A funding source can be thought of as a pot of money that you rely on regularly. So, for example, a land trust may track 'Department of Fish & Game' as a funding source, and 'Internal Acquisition Fund' as another.  An individual donor should not be represented a funding source (Landscape is not intended for donor tracking), rather you probably want to track 'Private Donations' as a source of funding for the acquisition of a property.

A funding source agreement is an agreement (formal or informal) for an amount of money with a source. This agreement can involve one or multiple projects/properties (more on that shortly).

A funding disbursal is a placeholder for actual money that is going to change hands.

You can easily create a new funding source and view your existing ones by clicking on funding button from the dashboard:








Viewing Funding Source Information (Agreements & Disbursals)


From a funding source record, you can see all of the prior agreements with that funding source, as well as all disbursals.  The funding source viewer also presents useful summary amounts in the headers of each section.

Navigate to an agreement by selecting the agreement. Or you can create a new agreement by selecting the '+' button next to 'Funding Agreements'. By default, Landscape only shows agreements which are marked as 'Active'. You can clear this filter by clicking on the filter button next to 'Active' and clicking 'Clear'.




Funding disbursals are shown at the bottom of the source record.  These disbursals are created from within the various records they refer to. 


For example, if after entering a new funding source and agreement you want to create a new disbursal record to tie an amount to a specific property record, you'll need to go to the correct property record, scroll down to the 'Purchase Price Funding' section and click on the plus button. You can then select the source and agreement you just created, as well as define a specific amount for the disbursal.  Landscape also allows you to create a funding source and agreement from within this context as well, so you can create a new funding source while creating a new funding disbursal record.




As another example, say you received funding for specific work like an appraisal. From inside an appraisal asset, scroll down to the 'expenses' section and click on the funding button (mceclip0.png). The funding section will open, and you can add a new funding disbursal for that particular item. This also applies to adding funding for specific work in stewardship sites.


For more information on Funding, Budgets, and Expenses, check out this article.


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