How to create multiple site visits at once

Some organizations like to 'pre create' their visits at the beginning of the monitoring season. This can be useful if you're generating landowner letters or use widgets which look at site visits rather than obligations (as described in this article).


To create multiple site visits, start from the 'All Stewardship Sites' View. Select the sites you want to create site visits for (you can use filters or queries to speed up this process) and then click the 'edit' button. Choose 'Create Site Visits', then choose the type of visit you'd like to create and click 'OK'.


This short video shows this process:



If you need to edit the site visits in bulk after you create them, you can do so from the 'All Site Visits' view using a similar method - select the site visits you want to edit, and click the edit button. You can then choose the field you want to update (like Start Date) and edit all of the visits at once.


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